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Chukwuemeka I., Point university Basketball Player:  Working with Jeff has been an interesting experience. I say this because of the type of treatment that he used on me during my rehabilitation for my back. It was a very new technique to me. The technique is somewhat painful but I was very amazed by how quick the results appeared. It wasn’t more than a couple sessions and my back pain had decreased tremendously. A few sessions after that, we worked on correcting my squat form and the depth on my squat and I was shocked. I had never gotten so low on my squat before ever since I started weight lifting. Going through these rehabilitation sessions have also helped me in basketball. I can feel myself being a lot more mobile on the court. I saw a difference in my vertical jump because I could get lower and explode more. I never knew how much actually played a part in my back pain and in the limited range of motion of my squat. But as I continued to do my rehab with Jeff, he was able to explain to me how all of it worked together and how important each thing is.

Heather S., Dance Instructor:  The progress and benefits I've received through Corrective Bodyworks have been incredible! After my ACL and meniscus repair surgery in November, I've had so much trouble with recovery. No matter the exercises or stretching I did daily, I couldn't regain my strength or flexibility. I couldn't even straighten my knee let alone walk without pain. Thanks to Jeff, I've gained my strength back and can finally walk, stand, and sleep comfortably. The amount of progress I've made in 2 weeks is mind blowing. I'm finally getting by to my active lifestyle and I couldn't be more appreciative of Jeff. You rock!!


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